Why is Hasbro doing this challenge?

We support the game community and are excited by what’s happening in the community.  We want to provide a channel for broader audience to reach us with their ideas, and provide the finalists with access to Hasbro designers who can give feedback to help them shape their game ideas.

Will Hasbro help me fulfill the “perks” for my Indiegogo Campaign?

You will be fully responsible for fulfilling all perks and for any other payments or obligations associated with running an Indiegogo campaign.

Can you explain more about trip to Hasbro?

One grand prize winner (Team Leader as defined in the Challenge Terms) will receive U.S. $25,000 and a trip to Hasbro headquarters in Pawtucket, Rhode Island to meet with various leaders and subject matter experts (manufacturing, supply chain, distribution, HR and/or marketing) for advice, mentoring and assistance.  The winner will be able to bring up to 3 guests and Hasbro will cover flights, hotel and local transportation.

How many ideas can people submit?

We are limiting the Submissions to 1 per person/team.  Therefore, an individual may only be involved in one Submission whether it is submitted individually or as part of a team Submission.

Does it have to be an individual person or can it be a team?

We welcome individuals or teams to participate in the Challenge. If you are part of a team, you will need to select a Team Leader who can name up to 3 more team members. Only the Team Leader for the winning Submission will be awarded the grand prize, but other team members may be selected by the Team Leader as his or her guests for the trip to Hasbro.

I’m not eligible for this challenge or I have an idea that’s out of scope. How do I send it to Hasbro? 

At this time, this is the only open call for ideas from Hasbro.

I submitted my idea, but I’d like to update/change it. How do I do that?

Contact information may be updated by e-mailing hasbrogaminglab@hasbro.com in accordance with the Site Privacy Policy. Ideas submitted may not be updated after entering and such requests will not be reviewed or considered by Hasbro.

How are you selecting a winner?

The winner will be determined based on gameplay, theme, and viability. The judges will also take into account the number of backers for each campaign and must have at least 100 unique backers to be eligible. The amount raised by each campaign will not be a judging factor so the challenge will not be pay-to-win.

What is the Hasbro Gaming Lab?

Hasbro Gaming Lab is a team of passionate and game enthusiasts and designers, whose mission is to discover and develop great new games, connect with the growing gaming community, and bring fresh experiences to gamers everywhere.

I have an idea for a Hasbro game or brand! Can I submit it here?

All submissions to Hasbro Gaming Lab should include only intellectual property that you own or have permission to use. We’re glad you’re thinking about our games, but for this challenge, please do not submit ideas for Hasbro’s brands.

If I’m selected as a semi-finalist, will you return my prototype?

Yes. All prototypes will be returned at the conclusion of the challenge.

If I entered a previous Hasbro Gaming Lab challenge, can I enter this one?