Spring 2016 Challenge

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From over 600 submissions, our judges have chosen The Plot Thickens by Brigette Indelicato, Mike Callahan, and Thomas Rochelle!

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From over 600 submissions, our judges have chosen The Plot Thickens! Created by friends Brigette Indelicato, Mike Callahan, and Thomas Rochelle of Philadelphia, P.A., The Plot Thickens is a collaborative storytelling game where players weave together tales of intrigue, action or just plain silliness, using a hand of story cards.

The winners will receive $25,000 cash prize, a trip to Hasbro HQ in Rhode Island, and the opportunity to work with us to make their game a reality.

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Pitch your Game

Hasbro will review all eligible pitches and pick 15 semi-finalists. Our challenge is now open to submissions from gamers who are residents and citizens of the US, Canada (excluding Quebec), UK, Germany, or France!

Hasbro Gaming Lab

Prototype your Game

Hasbro will play the top 15 games and pick the top 5 as finalists.

Crowdfund your Game

With mentorship from Hasbro and Indiegogo, five finalists will launch crowdfunding campaigns. Each of the five finalists will receive US$2,000 from Hasbro to help develop their game.

Win with your Game

One Grand Prize Winner will receive:

US$25,000 Cash Prize

Trip for 4 to Hasbro HQ

Opportunity to work with Hasbro

Hasbro Gaming Lab

Submit Your Idea by May 15

Entries close at 23:59 -4 GMT. Click here for full terms and conditions.


Apr 07

Open for submissions

May 15

Entries close at 23:59 -4 GMT

May 27

Semi-finalists selected

Jun 24

Prototypes due to Hasbro

Aug 08

Five finalists selected

Oct 13

Crowdfunding campaigns launch

Nov 13

Crowdfunding campaigns close

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