Introducing your Hasbro Gaming Lab Spring 2016 Finalists…

The moment you’ve all been waiting for is finally here! After reviewing hundreds of pitches and playing the top 15 superb prototypes from our semi-finalists, we are thrilled to announce our top five finalists from our Spring 2016 challenge: Lair Lair is an exciting, fantasy adventure game created by Christopher Westmaas of Toronto, Canada, involving … Weiterlesen

Announcing our Third Challenge & Guest Judge

We’ve had so much fun meeting new game designers and playing all your games… that we’ve decided to do it again! Today, we open our third challenge to find the next great game. This time, we’re looking for games that families of all shapes and sizes will love. Our challenge will have a very special … Weiterlesen

Êntríéß havé Clößéd!

Thé éntríéß för öür challéngé havé öffícíally clößéd! Wé récéívéd hündrédß öf éntríéß and öür jüdgéß nöw höw théír wörk cüt öüt för thém! Héré’ß what happénß néxt: Óür panél öf jüdgéß wíll ßéléct thé töp 15 ßémí-fínalíßtß tö advancé tö thé néxt röünd. Âll nötífícatíön wíll gö öüt by ön ör aröünd May 27th. Sémífínalíßtß … Weiterlesen

Mr Toast Goes to Hasbro

Last year, we launched Hasbro Gaming Lab with a challenge looking for the next great party game. Our grand prize winner was Dan Goodsell, the creator of the Mr Toast Game. We are proud to be making Dan’s game, which will come out later this year. As part of Dan’s prize, we flew him to … Weiterlesen

Our Second Challenge Launches Today!

Last year, Hasbro Gaming Lab launched with our first challenge with Indiegogo looking for the next great party game. The winner was the Mr Toast Game, which we are proud to be launching this year!  We had such a blast with our first challenge… that we’re holding another one to find the next great face-to-face … Weiterlesen

Our Grand Prize Winner…

After a great deal of debate and deliberation, our judges have selected a final grand prize winner. Congratulations to Dan Goodsell, creator of Irresponsibility – the Mr Toast Card Game. His campaign closed with $10,487 raised from 249 backers. Dan will receive $10,000 cash prize, a trip to Hasbro HQ in Rhode Island, and the … Weiterlesen

Finalist Campaigns have Closed!

Hasbro Gaming Lab’s first challenge is almost done—all that’s left is for the judges to select the grand prize winner. In August, Hasbro Gaming Launched a collaboration with Indiegogo to hold its first gaming challenge to find the next party game. Over 500 entries were submitted and a panel of Hasbro experts selected five finalists … Weiterlesen

Three Days Left to Support your Favorite Finalist!

The five finalists from our Party Game Challenge are nearing the end of their campaigns. You only have three days left to support them on Indiegogo. If you’re on the fence, check out some of the favorite perks of each of the finalists! SUNK!„Give a little back“ – For your most generous contributions, we will … Weiterlesen

Meet the Maker of Irresponsibility: The Mr Toast Card Game…

Irresponsibility: The Mr Toast Card Game, „Let’s get irresponsible!“ Created by: Dan Goodsell from Los Angeles, CA Introduce yourself! Hi, I am Dan Goodsell.  I am an artist living in Los Angeles with my wife, Shannon, and our dog, Lola.  I am the creator of Mr Toast.  I create comics, toys and other products for … Weiterlesen

Meet the Makers of HEXES!!

HEXES!!, a card game of witches, warlocks, and wacky wizardry! Created by:  Douglas Mansell (Salt Point, NY), Norman Greenberg (West Long Branch, NJ), Sam Sternklar (Sharon, MA), and Tom Smith (Brewster, NY)   Introduce yourselves! Hey! We’re the team that created the game HEXES!!.  We’re all currently students at the Rochester Institute of Technology in the … Weiterlesen